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Sandodden [425-1] is a former trappers' station, located at Daneborg in Young Sund on Wollaston Forland. Sandodden is well suited as temporary base camp for 2-4 persons. 

Since 1991 Sandodden including Skindskuret and Sorte Skur is serving as Nanok's base camp in the Daneborg region.

Visitors are welcome - after with agreement with both Nanok and Sirius - to use Sandodden. The hut must always be left only in a good condition, meaning:

  • Any damages repaired
  • All doors and windows / shutters securely closed
  • Hut nicely swept and cleaned
  • Hut lamp filled and the glass removed
  • Matchboxes with matches ready in opening
  • Snow shovel secured and visible on the outside of the hut
  • No garbage or open and smelling food in or near the hut
  • Note: Due to possible damage by polar bears the present condition of the hut is not known. 

For further information please contact Nordøstgrønlandsk Kompagni Nanok.

Utilization program:

  • 28. july - 27. august 2020: Nordøstgrønlandsk Kompagni Nanok (Peter Schmidt Mikkelsen). Sandodden is being renovated and refitted by Nanok in 2020


Aage V. Jensens Fonde sponsor Nanok's work.

Number in brackets [ ] refer to hut number in Peter Schmidt Mikkelsen: "North-East Greenland 1908-60. The Trapper Era(2008) published by Scott Polar Research Institute.