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Tolvmandsbarakken is one of the original buildings of the Ella Ø Station [235] originating from the Lauge Koch Expeditions 1931-58.  The house was used as quartering for 12 expedition members, hence the name. It originally had ten rooms. Later on Tolvmandsbarakken for many years was used by the Sirius Patrol for storage purposes, mainly sledge dogs food such as dried fish. The nice smell of this attracted polar bears from far away and the house was numerous times ravaged by bears hungry for an easy catch of food. As a consequence Sirius finally in 2015 decided to abandon Tolvmandsbarakken and move all dog food into locked steel containers, leaving Tolvmandsbarakken to Nordøstgrønlandsk Kompagni Nanok for renovation, use and administration. From 2015 to 2017 Nanok - sponsored by Aage V. Jensens Fonde - has undertaken a complete renovation and refitting of Tolvmandsbarakken. It now has four rooms with bunk beds and a kitchen-dining-living room. Since 2016 Tolvmandsbarakken has served as Nanok's base camp in the Ella Ø region for 3-5 weeks each year, usually between medio July and ultimo August. Have a Street View look inside Tolvmandsbarakken.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  The Greenland government authorities has granted NANOK a land allocation (arealtildeling) to a specific area  (see image) of the Ella Ø station, including Ørnereden and Tolvmandbarakken. Nanok is therefore permitted to organize, maintain, and administer this area. The remaining part of the Ella Ø station is administered by the military authorities. As a consequence none equipment, material, provisions, cargo, containers, etc. should be moved to - or left in - this area without prior written permission from Nanok (e-mail: Visitors at Ella Ø are still welcome to visit and use Ørnereden.

Use and access

Tolvmandsbarakken serves as Nanok's base camp in the Ella Ø region. The house is well suited for housing for 4 up to max. 8 persons. The house is usually locked to the public. It is available only to non-profit activities, and only after prior agreement with Nanok and access permission by the military authorities. In case anyone want to use Tolvmandsbarakken for accomodation, then they must bring along all food, provisions, and equipment for their own use; and remove all used and unused leftovers and equipment before departure at the end of the stay. Applications are prioritized as follows:

  1. Nanok
  2. Scientific expeditions
  3. Other

The house must always be left only in a good condition, meaning:

  • Any damages repaired
  • All doors and windows / shutters securely closed
  • Hut nicely swept and cleaned
  • Hut lamps filled and the glass removed
  • Matchboxes with matches ready in opening
  • Snow shovel secured and visible on the outside of the house
  • No garbage or any kind of food in or near the house
  • Note: Due to possible damage by polar bears the present condition of the house is not known


Utilization program Tolvmandsbarakken:

  • august 2021: Nordøstgrønlandsk Kompagni Nanok. 3-5 persons
  • august 2021: Arktisk Forskningscenter. 5-8 persons
  • august 2022: Nordøstgrønlandsk Kompagni Nanok. 3 persons
  • august 2022: Arktisk Forskningscenter. 5-8 persons

Utilization program Brebøljollen:

  • august 2021: University of Tromsø (Kunuk Lennert)



For further use and access information, please contact Nordøstgrønlandsk Kompagni Nanok.

Aage V. Jensens Fonde sponsor Nanok's work.

Number in brackets [ ] refer to hut number in Peter Schmidt Mikkelsen: "North-East Greenland 1908-60.  The Trapper Era(2008) published by Scott Polar Research Institute.